The practice of according particular heraldic additions or devices to the arms of members of orders of knighthood is an ancient one that has been practiced by most Grand Masters and many Knights of St. Lazarus since the 12th century. The following exemplifications relate to the Order and its members in Ireland.
Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. ca. 1382
H.E. Don Carlos Gereda de Borbón, Marqués de Almazán, 49th Grand MasterAuthority: Cronista de Armas de Castilla y León, 2010.
His Beatitude Gregory III Laham, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, of Alexandria, and of Jerusalem of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Spiritual Protector of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.Assumed 1981 and Certified by Judge of Arms 2010
Grand Priory of Ireland.Authority: Lord Lyon King of Arms 1967 Chief Herald of Ireland 1969
Hon. Chevalier Randal Plunkett, Lord Dunsany, GCLJ 1st Grand Bailiff of Ireland. Pre. 1480.
Chevalier Desmond, O’ Conor Don of Connacht, Chief of the Name, KLJ Judge of Arms, Grand Priory of Ireland Successor to Denis O’Conor Don, 2nd Grand Bailiff of Ireland.Authority: Ulster King of Arms, 1823, 1889, 1900. Chief Herald of Ireland, 1944.
Impaled Arms of Barton with Haywood Jones, Parents of H.E. Chevalier Bernard Barton GCLJ, 5th Grand Prior of Ireland.Authority: Chief Herald of Ireland, 2006.
Chevalier William Montgomery KCLJ Referendary, Grand Priory of IrelandAuthority: Ulster King of Arms, 1622.
Dame Daphne Bridgeman Montgomery DCLJAuthority: Ulster King of Arms, 1622. Clarenceux King of Arms, 1683.
Chevalier David O’Morchoe of Oulartleigh and Monamolin, Chief of the Name, CB CBE KLJAuthority: Ulster King of Arms, 1894. Chief Herald of Ireland, 1944.
Impaled Arms of Guinness and von Urach, Parents of Chevalier Patrick Guinness of Moyne KLJAuthority: Garter King of Arms, 1932.Kingdom of Wurttemberg, 1867.
Hon. Chevalier Turtle McClintock Bunbury KLJAuthority: Ulster King of Arms, 1867.
Chevalier Thomas Mullins KLJAuthority: Chief Herald of Ireland, 1978.

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