Grand Priory Officers

Prior: Chevalier Bernard Barton GCLJ
Bailiff: Vacant
Chancellor &
Receiver General: Chevalier Conor Keoghan KCLJ
Secretary General: Commander Attracta Halpin Kehoe CLJ
Hospitaller: Dame Emily O'Conor DLJ
Almoner: Dame Anne-Marie Barton DCLJ
Marshal &
Custodian of Insignia: Chevalier Harry Ward KLJ
Capitular: Chevalier John Turley KC*HS KMCO KLJ
Referendary: Chevalier William Montgomery KCLJ
Judge D'Arms: Chevalier Desmond O’Conor Don KLJ

You may contact the Order at:

The Secretary General
The Military & Hospitaller Order
of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem,
Grand Priory of Ireland
Crosthwaite House
Crosthwaite Park
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin
or e-mail: Saint Lazarus